10 Screen Free Road Trip Activities

10 Screen-free Travel Activities for Kids | Lovely Commotion

Getting in one more road trip before the back to school season starts? Keep the kids entertained without putting them in a tech-coma.  Check out these 10 screen-free activities and for kids while traveling: Marble Travel Game from Serving Pink Lemonade Bucket in Car Pulley System from Kids Activities Blog Lego Patterns Travel Tin from Mama […]

Learning with Dominoes

preschool learning dominos

Need an easy learning idea without needing to go out to buy materials?  How about dominoes?!  Most families have a set of dominoes at home ready to be played with.  But, dominoes can also be used as a wonderful learning tool.  Check out some of the ideas in this round-up of ‘Learning with Dominoes’! 1.  Add a […]

Clumsy Click Beetle Craft

Insect Unit beetle craft

Any fans of Eric Carle in the house?!  What-what!  He is one of my favorite authors! One of my kid’s favorite Eric Carle books is The Very Clumsy Click Beetle.  They love the clicking sound that the book makes towards the end of the story.  So, during our bug unit, we made our own click […]

Summer Goal Sheets for Kids- Free!

summer goal sheets

Summer is full of fun and play!  But, you can’t let the summer slide get the best of your school-age kids.  It can be a struggle to get our children to practice reading during the summer.  So, today I am sharing some fun (and did I say…free?) goal sheets to help your children work towards […]

Mouse Paint Preschool Activity

mouse paint preschool activity

    Let’s paint!  This week we did a small book study with the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  This is a great book and activity to learn about mixing colors in preschool! We started by cutting and gluing the mouse and puddle graphics (click the link to get them for free) on […]

Disney Binder Cover 2015

disney binder cover

After many, many requests… I have finally updated by Disney Binder Cover for 2015 and 2016.  Not only did I update it, I changed the design to reflect a new year of Disney fun!  I have to tell you, I am super jealous that I will not get to put this 2015 cover page in […]

Leprechaun Mask Preschool Craft

Leprechaun Mask

It is about that time to don your green!  We have been having some fun with the color green, leprechauns and rainbows in preschool.  We even had a leprechaun visit our classroom while we were away.  He left little green footprints all over!  You can learn more about our Leprechaun visit in this post.  So, […]