A Magic Tooth Fairy Door

tooth fairy door

The Tooth Fairy is coming!  The Tooth Fairy is coming!  I think that I am just as excited as my daughter about the loss of her first tooth.  It is an amazing first for sure!  To make this time more exciting for her, we worked on creating a Magic Tooth Fairy Door.  Fairies are small, [...]

10 Unique Pretend Play Ideas

unique pretend play ideas

Pretend Play is so much fun!  Plus, pretend play encourages creativity, social interaction and language skills.  It also fills that need that kids seem to have to be just like us adults!  I am sure we all remember playing pretend doctor when we were kids.  We even would play Drive Thru McDonalds when the windows [...]

Frozen Tic Tac Toe

Disney Frozen

 Do you want to build a snowman? Raise your hand if you know that song by heart?!  Then, I would guess you have a Disney Frozen fan on your hands.  My daugther is a lover of any and everything Frozen!  So, we did this little art project that later turned into a fun game!  Drumroll please…. [...]

15 Fab Letter Writing Activities

preschool letter writing activities

  Learning letters can be such fun!  Especially when you when you ditch the pencil and paper!  Preschoolers learn best through hands on play.  So, the best way for young children to learn how to form letters is through activities that allow them to use many different mediums to learn. Check out this round up [...]

Peanut Butter & Jelly Song and Sequencing

peanut butter jelly preschool song

Are you are peanut butter and jelly lover?  I am, my mom makes the best pb&j!  Well, even if you don’t love pb&j, I bet your little ones will love singing about it!  The Peanut Butter & Jelly song is one of my preschoolers favorite songs of all time.  To celebrate this song, I created [...]

3 Year Old Circle Time

toddler circle time

    Got three year olds?  I do!  I will be teaching preschool with 5 three year olds this year and I am very excited!  Last year (when my littles were two) we used the Toddler Circle Time Pack.  But, this year, I was ready for a new look and also an addition of more [...]

Benefits of Swinging & The Super Spinner Swing

super spinner disc swing

Is one of your fondest childhood memories swinging on a swing?  I know when I think back to elementary school, I recall the wind blowing through my hair as I soared as high as I could on the playground swing.  Swinging brings joy to both children and adults alike.  But, did you know there are [...]