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Welcome!  If you are looking for Me & Marie Learning content, you have come to the right place! Me and Marie Learning is now Lovely Commotion!  With the new name is a new web address: http://www.lovelycommotion.com and a *new* design, which I love! A Lovely Commotion encompasses the awesome feeling of helping young children and [...]

8 Cute Teacher Appreciation Ideas

teacher appreciation

Does your child have an amazing teacher in his/her life?  Did you know  there is an entire week to celebrate all those wonderful teachers out there?Teacher Appreciation Week takes place May 5-9th, so it is time to get ready!  Being a former public school teacher, I can tell you how important it is to shower [...]

{Kid Made} Mother’s Day Card

diy card

The day all of us moms wait for is only a month away.  Yep, Mother’s Day!  At our house we like to honor all the mothers in our life, including my mother and grandmother (the kid’s grandmas and great grandmas).  As far as I am concerned, without these awesome moms before me, I would not [...]

Lunch Sack Kite

paper bag kite

The grass is greener, the flowers are beginning to bloom and kids can be heard playing outside.  It’s spring and with spring comes wind.  So, instead of wishing the wind away, we made lunch sack kites to fly in the wind!  These kites were perfect for my 2 and 3 year olds.  Plus I had [...]

Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop #33

Thoughtful Spot Weekly Bloghop

Welcome to another week of the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! Please link up and spread the word! I hope everyone had a good Easter (for those who celebrate)!  I, unfortunately, had a run in with the stove burner and burnt up my hand pretty good.  Burns certainly hurt far worse than I ever gave [...]

14 Preschool Patterning Activities

preschool patterning

    Helping children learn about patterns is an important skill that lays the foundation for many other skills.  Recently, I received a comment on one of my products about how patterning should not be in my preschool packs because it is not even a Kindergarten Common Core Skill.  I was a little taken back [...]

Pretend Play Vet with ‘The Happy’s’

pretend vet

Disclosure: We received The Happy’s free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. Have you seen the newest fluffy friends from the makers of Zhu Zhu pets?  They are called ‘The Happy’s’ and these little pets are cute and full of energy!  Ever since The Happy’s pets arrived at our [...]

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

easter egg lunch hunt

We have had so much fun hiding and hunting eggs this week!  Isn’t it funny how the eggs don’t even have to be filled to have a great time hunting?  So, for lunch today I thought I would incorporate the love for egg hunting and food!  It may have taken a little bit longer to [...]