Dream Snow Ornament

Dream Snow ornament

If you have never read Dream Snow by Eric Carle, you are in for a treat!  It is one of my favorite books for the Holiday season and my kids love it too!  Within the book, the farmer dreams that snow has blanketed him and his animals.  After reading this amazing book, we wanted to [...]

12 Christmas Games for Preschoolers & a CASH giveaway!

12 christmas games for preschoolers

It is beginning to look like Christmas!  I love mixing some learning fun with the Holiday season.  What better way to learn then through Christmas themed games?!  Here is a list of 12 Christmas games for preschoolers: Christmas Grid Games from Gift of Curiosity Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt from Kid’s Activities Blog Christmas I-Spy Game [...]

9 Turkey Themed Learning Activities for Preschool

turkey learning activities for preschoolers

It is turkey time!  I love bringing the fun of the Holidays into learning.  During November, we like to focus on turkeys!  Turkeys are quite versatile when it comes to learning activities!  Check out these 9 turkey themed learning activities for preschool children: 1. Geoboard Turkey from Still Playing School 2.Clothespin Turkey Math from Coffee Cups [...]

Halloween Bingo!

halloween bingo

We are having our preschool Halloween party this week!  We like to play games, read books, do crafts and eat a sugar-filled snack  It may not be the healthiest party- but it sure is fun!  This year we will also be playing some Halloween Bingo!  I made some colorful bingo boards using clipart from Creative [...]

Cleaning Chart – FREE printable

cleaning chart for kids

Cleaning…it is one of those necessary evils in life.  No one that I know actually loves to do it- especially kids!  But, the mess that kids make all over the floor can leave you screaming from pain!  I’m sure you can relate- stepping on a small, pokey toy is seriously painful!  Something equally as painful [...]

Halloween Freebies and Fun Round-Up

halloween preschool fun

Is a chill in the air where you live?  Here in the midwest fall in settling in and leaves are changing.  It is by far my favorite time of the year!  Therefore, there have been plenty of fun and freebies to be had here on the blog in the past years.  So, let’s round them [...]

Preschool Jobs

preschool jobs

 Kids love feeling special and I love helping them feel special!  That is why in our preschool classroom each and every child has a special job every day.  For us, having classroom jobs is not just about children helping out in class.  Jobs help cultivate a feeling of community.  Plus, when each student gets a [...]