Benefits of Swinging & The Super Spinner Swing

super spinner disc swing

Is one of your fondest childhood memories swinging on a swing?  I know when I think back to elementary school, I recall the wind blowing through my hair as I soared as high as I could on the playground swing.  Swinging brings joy to both children and adults alike.  But, did you know there are [...]

8 Math Block Activities for Preschool

preschool math block games

Blocks are a basic and classic toy for toddlers and preschoolers.  But, have your ever taken the time to think about what blocks can really teach our children?  Not only do blocks help preschoolers practice fine motor skills, but they also foster creative thinking, task completion and sorting with like colors and shapes.  Science concepts, [...]

Childcare Daily Reports

childcare daily reports

 Communication is key when working with young children.  As a childcare provider, I feel that it is important to keep parents in the loop with their child’s daily happenings.  This is where childcare daily reports come in.  These simple reports are full of the information parents want to see after a day away from their [...]

Day out on the Town at Park Place in Leawood

park place leawood

Disclosure: We went on a tour of Park Place Leawood and recieved a gift card for participating.  All opinions expressed are mine. There is a fun new spot for a family day out in the Kansas City area!  Park Place in Leawood is a fun retail and dining experience set within a classic mainstreet feel. [...]

Preschool Monthly Themes 2014-2015

Themes 2014-2015.jpg

Boy, this summer is flying by fast!  Like most teachers, part of the summer (if not all of it) is spent preparing for the next school year.  I am one of those- always planning!  I have put together our monthly themes for this upcoming preschool year.  Each month (except May) has two themes.  This will [...]

The Cloud Book – Love Books Exchange

The Cloud Book

The Cloud Book by: Tomie de Paola We got a chance to participate in the Love Books Summer Exchange again this year.  For the exchange, we were paired up with Elizabeth from Get Busy Living.  We sent her a book with an activity and she sent us a book with activity too!  From Elizabeth we [...]

Let’s Talk: encouraging your early talker

easy to say first words

Disclosure: I was compensated for this book review.  All experiences and opinions are my own. Every parent waits for that one day when thier little bundle of joy speaks his/her first word.  It is a video camera type of moment for sure!  But, sometimes as parents, it is hard to know what to do to [...]