All About Me Preschool Lesson Plans

A great theme for the beginning of the year, right?  How many of you use the All About Me theme in your preschool?
I plan on sharing all my preschool plans free here on this blog {check out my Weekly Themes here}.  Below is an example of the lesson plan pages (this one is from the apple unit).  As many of you know, I am an home-childcare provider, therefore I must create lessons suitable for multi-age situations.  See more on THAT here. So, the top portion of the lesson plan includes all the children. Below the ‘pre-k only’ like is when the younger ones are taking a morning nap or free playing.
pic monkey 1
Here is the second lesson plan page. As you can see my Pre-K age kids will be doing Writing Journals (mainly free-writing), Math Journal (more on that to come) and Handwriting Without Tears.  As you can see the lesson plan is for a 4 day week.  I know that does not work for everyone, but it allows us some catch up time or special day activities.
pic monkey 2
Included in each lesson plan pack you will also find all the songs on 8.5×11 sheets of paper, ready to be printed, laminated and displayed.  I found it important to display the songs, rather than just have the teacher read them off the lesson plan to promote a print-rich environment and help our little learners be more print aware.
Also, included are the picture cards.  Great for young ones, as it gives a visual to the vocabulary words learned.  I tried to supply a variety of real-life photos and clip-art style pictures.
PicMonkey Collage
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  1. 11

    Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing this lesson plan. I have some new younger students joining our class and I am having a hard time adjusting my skill levels to so many different levels K-5 intensive needs students. Seeing some of your ideas really helps me to get the gears going. THANKS!

  2. 19

    Anxious Substitute Teacher! says

    AWESOME! I am so glad I came across your blog. I am currently going to school and work as a subtitute teacher. I have done many long term positions as a Educational Aide but last week I got called in to open up a PreK class until they hire a teacher. I am excited but nervous.. Thanks to you I have some ideas and I think I will be fine… Thanks again!

  3. 23

    Sey Sey says

    You’re a LIFE SAVER!!! I’m a brand new PreK Teacher Assistant… & have pretty much been left to “sink or swim”.

  4. 26

    Suzanne Durkovich says

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful lesson plans. I love to get new ideas without always paying for them. I will visit your site often.

  5. 29


    I love your lesson plans and are the most complete that I have seen out there. I only see two that you have published. Will you have more? I am more than happy to pay if you have more complete theme weeks. Great work on these.

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