Color Orange Toddler Activities

Orange you glad it’s Monday?!  Yea, me neither, but I do have some fun to share!  We have moved on to learning about the color orange.  Perfect for fall when we are seeing orange pumpkins everywhere!  For one reason or another, this color has challenged my toddlers.  One toddler thinking it is yellow and the other red.  So, this week we have integrated the color orange into everything I can think of!  More of our orange crafts and fun in another posts, this one is all about tot trays!

orange toddler activities

Orange playdoh with pumpkin cookie cutters.

orange color activity

Orange two-piece puzzles.  See the Color Orange Learning Pack to get these puzzles for free.

orange toddler activities

A simple game made from a Puff’s container and Gatorade lids.  I drew pumpkin faces on the lids and cut a slit into the lid of the container.  To make this a little more challenging for the fine motor skills, I made the slit really tight, making the lids harder to get through.

orange color sort

Yellow and Orange Sort.  I used the objects from our color sensory tub.  Since orange and yellow are often mixed up by my toddlers, I really reinforced the names of the colors as they sorted.

orange toddler activity

Fine Motor Pinch: I had these colored plastic clothespins hanging around, so I decided to have the toddlers practice pinching them to some orange craft sticks.

orange activities

Orange Matching Game: Get the game FREE from the Color Orange Learning Pack.

Do you and your toddlers do tot trays?  Leave alink in the comments to your tot tray posts!


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