Kindergarten Readiness {physical development}

Welcome to the Kindergarten Readiness Series!

This series is for Parents and Preschool teachers to aid in making sure your child/student is prepared for the start of Kindergarten.  As many teachers and administrators have said, Kindergarten now is like First Grade was when we were in school.  Therefore, making sure our children have all the cards stacked in their favor is important now more than ever.

The Cognitive Development area has already been covered.  Find it here!

Next… Physical Development



Kindergarten Readiness Checklist- Physical Development


-Hold writing utensil correctly (pincer grasp)

-Hold scissors correctly (thumb on top)

-Cut out a simple object or shape (such as a square)

-Uses a glue stick and glue bottle appropriately

-Colors within the lines

-Traces objects easily


-Can run in an adult manner

-Walk on tip toes

-Jumps over an object (broad jump)

-Catches a ball (size of tennis ball) or bean bag – catches with hands, not arms

-Balance on alternate feet with eyes both open and closed

-Walk heel-to-toe successfully


*look for this checklist in a printable form when all of the parts of development are posted*


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