Preschool Assessment Forms

Here they are… assessment forms to go with the Preschool Assessment data recording page (see this post for more info)

The assessment forms included:
Color Assessment
Uppercase Letter ID
Lowercase Letter ID
Number Recognition
Number Formation
Shape Recognition
Writes Own Name Assessment
Please go to the Printables page to download these forms.
Again, if you found any of these printables helpful, please leave a comment!
I also thought I would give a little info on how I test some of the other items that do not have corresponding assessment forms.
Counting with 1:1 Correspondence: I observe students while they count counters that I have placed out on the table.  Do they touch each object, giving it a number as they count?
Uses Positional Words: I used a small block and a bowl.  I then asked to students to put the block ‘inside’ the bowl, ‘between’ the bowl and my hand (I would place my hand on the table), hold the block over the bowl… and so on.
Sorting: I use attribute buttons to assess sorting.  You could also use the family bear counters (the counters with 3 sizes of bears in different colors), accompanied with pattern blocks (for sorting by shape).  I simply ask students “Put these into piles by color.”
Patterning: Pattern blocks are a great tool to access patterning.  I use the same attribute buttons from sorting.  I first start a pattern and ask them to finish it.  You could also use a patterning worksheet to assess this skill.
Scissor Skills: I use scissor skills practice sheets.  Session 1 we do straight lines, session 2 curved lines and session 3 zig zag lines.  As far as the recording sheet goes… mark correct if finger and hand positioning are correct.  Mark finger, if not grasping scissors correctly with fingers.  Mark hand if hold scissors upside down (thumb is not up).
* I save these cutting samples and put in each student’s file*
Orders Object by Size: Give students any 3 objects that can be lined up by size.  Specify if you would like them lined up from small to large or big to little.  The family counting bears are good to access this.
Seq. events in order: Use premade sequencing games or find a practice page that sequences with 3 scenes.
Sequence numbers 1-10: Use the number recognition form found on the printables page.  Have student cut apart numbers and glue in order onto a sentence strip.
*Save and put in each student’s file*
Shows knowledge of Rhyming: Give students an example of a rhyming word pair, “Cat and hat rhyme.  Can you think of something else that rhymes with cat?  Can you think of a word that rhymes with ‘done’?
I hope you find this information useful and that it makes your life a little bit easier!



  1. 5

    Anonymous says

    Your website is fantastic! I have absolutely no idea of what it would be like if I didn’t use your website. This assessment form was very helpful to me and my helper. Thanks!

  2. 10


    Thank you so much for putting this together and more importantly, sharing it with others. You have saved me a lot of time and research and I couldn’t be more thankful! Thanks again. :)

  3. 11


    Thank you so much for sharing all this online. This was my first year teaching preschool, and it has been so much more successful because of you!

  4. 12


    Thank you so much for these assessments. As former teacher and homeschooling mom I know things like this take lots of time to create– thanks for sharing!

  5. 13


    Thank you so much for these assessments. As former teacher and homeschooling mom I know things like this take lots of time to create– thanks for sharing!

  6. 18

    jen says

    I love your assessment! we use ages and stages at my center but I dont feel it identifies all the areas of growth! I also like the fact that I can use this to assess there secondary language learing (In my case spanish)

  7. 19

    Lisa Dolci says

    This description of the preschool assessment looks fabulous. When I click on the printables though, it says page not found. Where can I access the forms that go with the assessment? Thanks!

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