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Within my preschool classroom, I have been completing Preschool Assessments with each student during Center Time.  This is something I was very used to doing when I previously taught first grade.  For my preschool students I have 3 testing periods: September, January and May.  I am finishing up the session 2 testing period and I am amazed at the progress that has been made.
I use a reporting sheet for each child.  This works out quite well.  It is all documented on one page for easy viewing and comparison.  If there is a skill I do not want to test during a certain testing session, then I simply put an X through it.  I have included a link to this recording sheet.  It was originally created in Microsoft Word.  I am offering it PDF format and hope that you find it useful!

I also report these results to parents to let them know how his/her child is doing.  I do this as a mini report card.  I have included a link to these mini report cards, along with the parent letters I attach to the report.  I make sure that parents understand that the assessments that were done are just one source of information and that children don’t always show us what they know!
Please read the parent letter for more info.

FYI: On the download, the session 1 report card is first, then the parent letter.  Next, is the session 2 report card and parent letter.  Last, is the third session report card and parent letter.  NOTE: I send home both session 1 and session 2 report cards for session 2.  I retest and report any skills that the child may not have mastered in the previous session.  When sending home session 3 report cards, I also send home session 1 and 2 updated as well.
The preschool class I teach is mainly composed of students going to Kindergarten next year.  Please keep this in mind when viewing this progress report.  I truly believe children progress in learning at thier own pace.  These assessments are to help identify what areas of learning might need more exposure/practice.
So, now you may be wondering…what kinds of assessment materials do you use?
If you downloaded these assessment materials and found them useful, please leave a comment!  If you would like to purchase an extension to the free pack, that is easy to use and contains everything you need-please see my Preschool Assessments and Portfolio pack on Teachers Pay Teachers.


  1. 1


    I like your assessment printables. I created something similar last year for my preschool class (my first year). I like the way yours looks better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 3

    kymberli says

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful forms. I created my own forms years ago, but you fit so much more on a page. Looks like time to rework my forms. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. 5

    Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing! I taught kindergarten and now opened my own preschool. It’s nice to have some ideas of what other preschool teachers are doing!

  4. 6


    I love these assessments but would love to have them in Word so I can use my iPad to record the information. I don’t want to copy 20 of them then scan the pages back into the child’s digital portfolio. Can I get a copy in Word?

  5. 8

    Anonymous says

    Thank you! Your templates are exactly what I was looking for and has saved me many hours of work. Much appreciated.

  6. 18

    Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing. I am moving from kindergarten to preschool and this really helps since I will no longer have a grade card to follow.

  7. 20

    Anonymous says

    To respond to the May 6, 2012 post about editing…since these are in .pdf form you will need Adobe Professional.

  8. 22

    Anonymous says

    Perfect for our family. I homeschool and want to keep records although not required in our start.

  9. 27


    Hi, Thank you for sharing! This is awesome I have been looking for something like this for awhile. Yours is so nice and clear, I love it.

  10. 30

    Anonymous says

    Thanks so much for these. I especially appreciate the letter to the parents reminding them that not everything has to be mastered on each report card to have a successful child.

  11. 32

    Miss Kelly says

    I have found your assessment forms to be the best on any site have found. I am now in the process of testing my students with them. However, I forgot to print the number recognition form and can no longer locate it on your site. Could you please post it again to your google docs? Thanks!

  12. 36

    Anonymous says

    I was wondering if you have any toddler assessments. I recently opened a daycare and I have preschool assessments but i am having a hard time with toddler

  13. 38

    Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! We are using parts of this for our preschool and you have saved us much time! So nice of you to share!

  14. 39


    I can see by the comments that this is a much sought-after doc. What strikes me is how similar it is to the K assessments we do. The rigor of pre-k has certainly been elevated. From a K perspective, half the children entering K have not had an academic preschool experience. About a quarter of them have had no education outside the home. This explains the disparity.

  15. 45

    Bee says

    thank you for sharing this. it serves as a guide to me and my little one. im a first time mom and cant afford preschool. so finding resources like this is very helpful. thanks again!

  16. 47

    Anonymous says

    Thank you for posting this! My son will be 3 in June and I’d really like to work on him with these items before he begins Pre-school in September 2014. It’s hard to tell what each school will require prior to starting, but this gives me a great idea. Thanks again!

  17. 50

    Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing what clearly you have put a lot of time and effort into!! We homeschool and I intend to use this with all of our preschoolers! Thank you again for sharing, I truely appreciate it!

  18. 51

    Anonymous says

    Thank you so much! I teach second grade and needed something to teach my kiddo during the summer. This is a huge help!

  19. 52

    Kodie says

    I LOVE these… I have a group of Year 1’s and would love to develop something similar because they are so easy to see and use! If anyone has anything similar for Grade One I would love to see! Thanks, Kodie

  20. 56

    Carye says

    Fantastic assessments! Can’t wait to use them this fall! Thanks for sharing!! :)
    Not sure if you realized this but under Scissor Skills on the top assessment, there is an X by the hand sections of the second and third assessment columns – not sure if you wanted those there since they weren’t on the first assessment column or vis versa. :)

  21. 57

    Jen says

    I found you on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing your ideas. This is really great! I love it! You have given me an idea. THANKS!

  22. 58


    I truly appreciate this post! It is greatly beneficial, thank you for taking the time to share this. I anticipate the moment that I will be able to make use of this material.

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