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Assessments & Portfolios

  • why should i assess my preschoolers?

Assessment drives instruction.  When we know what skills children are needing more exposure to, we can create experiences, activities and opportunities for them to learn these skills in a play-based way.

  • what should i be assessing?

The early learning standards/goals in your state or the expectations your center or school district have set are what you should be assessing on.  I have simplified my state's goals in an easier to handle format in my own set of Early Learning Goals.  

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✔ If your assessment system feels disconnected, try these tips to streamline your process!

Developmental Milestone Checklists that are perfect for parents.

✔ Find out which skills your whole class needs the most help on with the Quick Data Collector.

Developmental Checklists

Quick and easy to use checklists for ages birth through 36 months.

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Two Year Old Assessments & Portfolio

Three Year Old Assessments & Portfolio

Pre-K Play-Based Assessments & Portfolios

Assessment & Portfolio Trainings

How to Get Started with Student Portfolios

Come learn how to organize and implement portfolios in your preschool classroom


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Preschool Assessment Bootcamp

This e-book will help you get your Preschool Assessments and Portfolios in order! In this step-by-step guide you will have everything you need to feel confident in your assessment process.

When you have your assessments and portfolio items in place at the beginning of the year you...

-FEEL LESS STRESSED (as you should- you just took a big piece of work off of your plate!)

-SAVE TIME (and spend that time where you REALLY want to spend it) 

-CREATE SOMETHING MEANINGFUL (a portfolio isn't a report card...a portfolio shows how a child's learning is growing - and that right there is a b.i.g deal)


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