10 Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School


Going Back to School is an exciting time for your child and family!  But, it can also be a hectic time.  Sometimes a new grade, classroom and teacher can lead to a nervous situation for your child.  Want to make that transition on the first day of school easier?  Follow these simple tips!

first day school

1. Practice makes perfect!  As fun as it does NOT sound, practicing the nightly routine and morning routine you plan to implement is important.

2. Does your child know his/her full name, teacher's name and grade? This might be helpful if your child gets a little lost in a big school building!

3. Call friends to see if your child has any of those friends in his/her class.  It can really ease the first day jitters to know someone that will be facing the first day too!

4. Riding the bus?  If the bus stop is new to your child, take them to the bus stop where they will be waiting.  For safety, role-play situations that might arise.  Discuss what your child could do in such situations.

5. Be sure to attend the Back to School Nights your school holds. Not only does this show your child that school is a priority to your family, but it also helps your child become familiar with the classroom before the first day.

6. Talk to your child about your positive memories of school.  Try to keep from talking negatively about school or staff members.  Keep the conversations about the fun and excitement school brings...even if your child is less than enthusiastic :)

7. Watch the local weather and pick out a week's worth of clothes for school.  Have your child help so that there will be no fights in the morning over what to wear :)

8. Decide together what kind of lunch rules you will have.  You don't want a fit throwing kiddo in the morning, beggin for a sack lunch when you don't have time to fix it!  At our house, we allow buying lunch one time a week.  We look at the lunch menu and pick the day.  The rest of the week is sack lunch, no room for fit throwing!

9.  Have your child help shop and label the school supplies he or she needs. An easy way to label is by using pre-programmed labels with your child's name.  Together pack up the backpack, getting it ready for the first day!

10. Have a plan in mind for making the first day special and getting your child psyched!  Maybe it will be a special breakfast or inviting grandparents or other special people to come to the bus stop and see him/her off.

School is your child's work.  It is an exciting, nerve-raking time for both you and your child.  Laying the groundwork for this special first day/week using these tips is sure to make the Back to School experience a good one!