14 Preschool Patterning Activities

Helping children learn about patterns is an important skill that lays the foundation for many other skills.  Recently, I received a comment on one of my products about how patterning should not be in my preschool packs because it is not even a Kindergarten Common Core Skill.  I was a little taken back by this comment.  Mainly because, in my opinion, even if a skill is not one that the state mandates that we teach, does not mean it is not an essential pre-skill.  Not to mention that my products are for preschool.  Preschool being a time to help children learn and develop foundation skills, such as patterning.

preschool patterning
preschool patterning

Understanding the concept of patterning, is a basic foundational skill.  There are patterns everywhere in our world.  For example: design, words, numbers, symbols, images and even patterns in one's behavior or routines.  When children are able to pattern, they are able to predict what will come next.  Seriously, why would this not be something to help your children learn?!  So, here to help you- a round up of 14 Preschool Patterning Activities!

- Patterning in Sand from Two-Daloo

-Lego Duplo Pattern Busy Bag from All Our Days

-Learning Patterns with Lego from Learn with Play at Home

-Card Patterning from Toddler Approved

-Gross Motor Patterns from Pleasantest Thing

-Kite Patterns from Teach Preschool

-Flower Patterning from I Can Teach my Child

preschool patterning
preschool patterning

-Making Patterns with Egg Cartons from The Imagination Tree

-Playdough Kebabs from No Time for Flashcards

-Pattern Grids from Pre-Kinders

-Pattern Towers from Frugal Fun for Boys

-Pattern Caterpillar from The Classroom Creative

-Truck Pattern Cards from The Measured Mom

-M & M Patterns from Teach Beside Me

What are your thoughts on teaching children about patterns?  Please leave a comment!