20 Service Ideas for Kids during the Holiday Season


Last year I started a new tradition for my daughter.  She was 4 going on 5 then, and I felt that she was able to start understanding the concept of giving to others.  We are a family that gives, maybe not as much as I would like, but it is something I am passionate about.  Therefore passing on the tradition of giving to my children is important to me, especially this time of year.  So, I have brought to you today 20 service ideas for kids!

service ideas for ki

All year long we have been collecting pet food, treats and other supplies for our local animal shelter.  My daughter loves having pets and seems to grasp the reality that some pets face.  We actually got our beloved Sammy through a shelter and he is the best family dog we could ask for!  That is him below :)  So, for the first several years we will most likely be giving to the pets that are waiting for a home.

giving to others at christmas

Need some ideas for getting your child involved in giving this Holiday season?  I've listed 20 ideas for you!

1. Making cards for those in nursing homes

2. Giving to a local food bank

3.  Create craft kits for a children's hospital

4. Take dogs living at a local shelter on a walk

5. Write letters to troops or veterans

6. Collect used coats, hats and gloves and donate to a homeless shelter

7. Donate toys to a children's hospital for children spending Christmas away from home

8. Make someone else's day by leaving quarters in a candy machine or paying for another person's meal

9.  Make cookies for elderly neighbors

10. Donate stuffed animals to firefighters to give to children in emergency situations

11.  Talk to the counselor at your child's school and see if there are any items that can be donated for children in need

12. Pick up litter around your community (wearing gloves of course)

13. Have your children pull up all the neighbor's garbage cans back to the house on trash day

14. Leave some yummy treats in the mailbox for your mail carrier

15.  Make pinecone bird feeders for the birds to snack off of during the winter months

16. Donate gently used books to a classroom in need

17. Purchase coloring books and crayons and put them in waiting rooms

18. Put together first aid kits for local homeless shelters

19. Put together food kits for kids in need during the winter school break (ask school counselor to distribute)

20. Collect stuffed animals, blanket, bedtime books and toothbrushes for kids in shelters

**Have an idea?  Please leave it in the comments below!