3 Year Old Circle Time

Got three year olds?  I do!  I will be teaching preschool with 5 three year olds this year and I am very excited!  Last year (when my littles were two) we used the Toddler Circle Time Pack.  But, this year, I was ready for a new look and also an addition of more skills, since my littles are now one year older.  So, I created the Three Year Old Circle Time Pack!  The 'Toddler Circle Time Pack' has now become the Two Year Old Circle Time Pack.  Take a look at our three year old circle time board in the picture below.  Don't you love how bright it is?toddler circle time

 What does the 3 year old circle time pack include?

-6 Shape mini posters

-11 Color mini posters

-Seasons poster (mark the season you are in with a clip or graphic)

-Who's Here? Song and monthly graphics: Sing the song and ask who is here today.  Put student names on the monthly graphics (pencils in the photo above).  Each student places a sticker on their graphic when the song is sung for them.

-12 lift the flap numbers

-Letter Bag Label and 26 letters: Place the 26 letter squares into a bag or tub (mine is from the dollar section at Target).  Each day a student pulls out a letter to focus on.

-Today Is.. Display: Use a clip or graphic to mark what day of the week it is.

-Today's Weather: Have one student check the weather and place the correct weather type on the Today's Weather graphic.

*Plus, this pack comes with Monthly Songs, a Welcome Song and a Goodbye Song.

toddler circle time

Want this NEW pack for your home, classroom or daycare room?

toddler circle timeThree Year Old Circle Time Pack

Don't have 3 year olds?  I also have available a Two Year Old Circle Time Pack and a Preschool Calendar Pack:

toddler circle timeTwo Year Old Circle Time Pack

preschool calendar timePreschool Calendar Time Pack