8 Hands On Rhyming Activities

Helping children learn to rhyme is important for creating readers.  Rhyming helps children understand the relationships between words.  If we can read the word 'cat' then we can also read the word 'hat' by changing the beginning sound.  Also, let's face it... rhyming is just fun!  The earlier we read rhyming books and recite nursery rhymes to children the better.  So, today I am sharing a round up of 8 hands-on rhyming activities!

preschool rhyming activities
preschool rhyming activities

1. Best Rhyming Books from The Measured Mom

2. Rhyming Activity with a Spin from No Time for Flashcards

3. Rhyming with Legos from The Pleasantest Thing

4. Rhyme Go Fish from Teach Mama

5. Rhyming Pegboard from No Time for Flashcards

6. Farm Rhyming from Fabulous in First

7. Rhyming Bingo from Pre-K Pages

8. Find & Rhyme Gross Motor Activity from No Time for Flashcards

What rhyming activities do you do with your child?  While these hands on rhyming activities are full of fun and learning, we also like to practice by making up silly rhymes on the spot!  Sometimes when I serve lunch we will rhyme our food- bees cheese, lurkey turkey or moose juice!  My tots love it and I love that we are rhyming :)