8 Math Block Activities for Preschool

Blocks are a basic and classic toy for toddlers and preschoolers.  But, have your ever taken the time to think about what blocks can really teach our children?  Not only do blocks help preschoolers practice fine motor skills, but they also foster creative thinking, task completion and sorting with like colors and shapes.  Science concepts, such as gravity, cause and effect and building a structure with stability all can be gained from playing with blocks.  These benefits to block play is why we have so many sets of blocks in our preschool room!

Although, sometimes children can get bored with blocks when only knowing one way to play with them.  Try some of these 8, fun and full of learning, math block ideas:

preschool math block games
preschool math block games

1. Counting and Measuring with Lego from The Imagination Tree

2. Building with Blocks and Technology from Hands on as We Grow

3. Duplo Lego Pattern Towers from All Our Days

4.  Exploring Shapes with Blocks from Teach Preschool

5.  Teaching More and Less with Blocks from Pre-Kinders

6. Block Center Visual Prompts from Rainbows Within Reach

7. Number Recognition Lego Flowers from The Educator's Spin on It

8. Sorting Blocks by Shape from Hands on as We Grow

Great ideas aren't they?  I know that I am more inspired than ever to use blocks in new and exciting ways to promote more learning through play!