April Song Charts and Sensory Tub

Spring is in the air and Easter is coming!  We are singing and playing with eggs, chicks and bunnies!  Check out our April songs and sensory tub!
This month I added green Easter grass, foam egg ornaments, colorful Easter eggs (all from the Dollar Tree) and some cute little bunny erasers!  My wonderful substitute teacher added treasures for the kiddos to find inside some of the eggs.  She said this sensory tub was a big hit!
tune: Bicycle Built for 2
April, April
Days may be cool or warm
Let's have fun but
Don't be an April fool!
We'll work on our garden flowers
and watch for April Showers
On Arbor Day, we'll sing and play
As we plant a new tree at school.
Easter Eggs
tune: Jingle Bells
Easter eggs, Easter eggs,
Eggs of orange and blue.
Here are lots of colored eggs
All for me and you.
Chocolate eggs, colored eggs,
Jelly beans bright green
Aren't these the most
beautiful eggs
That you have ever seen?
I'm a Little Chicken
tune: I'm a Little Teapot
I'm a little chicken,
Ready to hatch,
Pecking at my shell,
Scratch, scratch, scratch.
When I crack it open,
out I'll leap.
Fluff up my feathers and
cheep, cheep, cheep!
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