Farm Preschool Activities


Activities and ideas for a Farm Theme in your preschool, pre-k or kindergarten classroom:

Literacy FARM Themed Preschool Activities

  1. Sequence fun farm stories like 'Mrs. Wishy Washy Farm' or 'Rosie's Walk' (links at the end of this post).
  2. Hide toy farm animals inside a toy barn. Give the class clues as to what animal is inside by using this format: It starts /beginning sound/ and rhymes with /rhyming word/.  For example: It starts /p/ and rhymes with wig - it's a pig!
  3. Sort animals that live on a farm and animals that live in the zoo.
  4. Read 'Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm', then create an animal wash station.  Fill three buckets with mud, soapy water and clear water. Give students plastic toy farm animals, scrub brushes and towels to dry.
preschool farm theme activities

art farm themed preschool activities

  1. Paint with plastic farm animals.  What 'footprints' are made?
  2. Make tractor track art by rolling a toy tractor in brown paint and paint on a large piece of paper.
  3. Farm collage with animals cut from magazines.
  4. Gather straw or hay in a bundle, put a rubber band around it to make a handle.  Paint with the hay paintbrush onto paper.
farm preschool activities

math farm themed preschool activities

  1. Sort and pattern small toy farm animals.
  2. Count small toy farm animals onto farm numeral mats (photo below)
  3. Create a class graph representing the classes favorite farm animal.
  4. Use a balance scale to see which plastic farm animals are the heaviest.
  5. Play a farm cover up game by creating a gameboard up to 6. Students take turns rolling the die.  Cover the numeral rolled with a farm animal.  See photo below:
farm preschool activities

farm themed sensory tub

Create a fun sensory bin ready for little working hands by combining oats, small farm animals and toy tractors.  Add scoops, ice cube trays, funnels and measuring cups for added fun!

farm theme sensory tub preschool

Our Favorite farm preschool Books

Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm by Joy Cowley

Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins

Farming by Gail Gibbons

National Geographic Kids: Farm Animals
Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle

Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming

Barnyard Hullabaloo by Giles Andreae

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