Beautiful Button Art

I love displaying my kid's art in my kitchen.  We have very tall ceilings, so it is fun to put beautiful art on easels on top of our kitchen cabinets.  There is just something about a bright, kid made piece of art that makes my heart happy!  The beautiful button art creations we made are no exception.  I absolutely love how creative children can be with just some different buttons!

button art craft
button art craft

For this simple, but stunning project all you need is:

- 8x10 canvas (or whatever size you would like)

-Buttons of different colors, shapes and sizes

-Glue or Glue dots

-Patterned Paper (optional)

-Colored Sharpies

Offer many different types of buttons and let children choose which ones they want to work with.  We used glue dots to get the buttons to stick with no drying time.  Craft glue also works, but it will need a good time to dry.  I also gave the kids the option of using patterned paper as pieces of their overall picture.  For example, in the photo below, one kiddo used blue polka dotted patterned paper for clouds.  The kids also used colored Sharpie markers to add to their button scene.

button art craft
button art craft

I am loving the way that these turned out!  I just love the endless possiblities with this project!