Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?
by: Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle
This book is a favorite among teachers, parents and kids alike!
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? is a wonderful read aloud book that contains rhymes and predictable text.
But, how can the story of a brown bear and his colorful friends ignite learning?
I know that this Story typically draws a younger crowd, but I wanted to explore how this book might be used in other grade levels as well.  Below are some skills that could be covered as a part of a Brown Bear, Brown Bear story unit:
*Color recognition
*Animal Identification and sounds
*Use shakers when telling the story.  Keep the rhythm of the story with the shaker.
*Guess the Animal: describe an animal by it's attributes, guess which animal it might be.
*Sequencing story events
* Sight words
*Sorting: animals that can fly vs. animals that can't fly or animals that walk on 4 legs vs. animals that walk on 2 legs (etc.)
*Reading color words
First Grade/Second Grade
* Work on creating bar or picture graphs by graphing favorite animals from the book.
* Verbs:  create a new book using verbs.  Sample: Crawling Crab, Crawling Crab, what do you see?  I see a jumping frog looking at me.
*Sight words
*Question Mark/Period (Question vs. Answer)
*Reader's Theatre
*Spelling color words
* Create a class book at the beginning of the year to learn classmates names.  Sample: 'First Grader, First Grader, Who do you See?  I see Camden looking at me.'

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Ideas

Magnet Board: Created using Cricut Cutter.  Laminate and add magnet strip to the back.  Use a cookie sheet to re-tell.

Felt Board: Cut animal shapes out of felt and use black Sharpie to add details.  Use a felt board to re-tell the story.
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