Brown Bear Story Props


Toddlers love board books, especially board books with repetition.  While there are many repetition books out there, my personal favorite is Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See? by Bill Martin Jr.  But, why just read it?  Add some story props to make this color filled book come to life!

brown bear story props

In the picture above, you will see the large poster my talented sister made way back in the day!  My toddlers LOVED it!  Not only is this poster interactive and works on sequencing the story, but it also serves as an object-to-outline puzzle!  You could easily make your own by drawing (or printing off...which is what I would do!) each of the animals.  Trace around each animal on to the poster board. Add a piece of velcro to both the animal piece and the spot on the poster board where the animal goes.  Perfect story prop!  In the picture above you will also see the Brown Bear Song I created and the Brown Bear 'Move like Me' cards.  These things are from my Brown Bear Brown Bear Story Unit.

brown bear story propsLook above and you will see my Brown Bear Story Magnets.  I created these with my Cricut Personal Cutter and I love them!  After cutting them out, I laminated them and added magnets to the back.  Now they can be used for re-telling on a fridge, back of a file cabinet or a cookie sheet!

brown bear story propsThis Brown Bear Felt Board was very simple to put together.  I found these printable pieces on the web about 4 years ago...sorry I do not have the link.  I just cut the pieces out, laminated them and added velcro.  Easy and fun way to practice naming each animal, it's color or sequencing the story.

Do you have a favorite Brown Bear Story Prop?  Wouldn't it be cool if one could find all the animals in puppet form to re-tell the story?!?  My guess is a blue horse would be hard