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5 Free Bug Activities for Preschoolers

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Spring has sprung and out come those bugs! What a perfect time to bug out in your classroom! πŸœπŸžπŸŒπŸ›πŸ. Today I want to share with you five FREE bug activities for preschoolers!

Each one of these bug activities come from a resource in the Lovely Commotion Preschool Resources store. I'll note which resource, in case you want to grab the whole pack!

Now, let's get down to 🐝buzzness.... 

5 Bug Activities for Preschoolers

1. The Bug Jar Game - A math game that is full of fun, quick to play and super easy to prep.  Just grab the gameboard (look for more info at the bottom of this post), grab some toy bugs or puff balls, a die and two children and you are set! Players sit across from one another, each getting their own bug jar. Place the same amount of bugs on each jar. You could start with 5, but 10 each is a good number. Players take turns rolling the die and letting that many bugs from their jar go. The first person to set all their bugs free first is the winner. *This activity is from the Preschool Math Games resource. 


2. 5 Little Ladybugs Song - This is a great whole group song that focuses on number sense. Just add a craft stick to each ladybug to make a puppet and get singing! *This activity is from the Two & Three Year Old Bugs Unit

3. 'What is an Insect' Poster - What makes an insect an insect? Well, this poster teaches just that! Use it as a visual aid when you teach children about insects. *This activity is from the Play-Based Preschool Lesson Plan: Bugs.

4. Bugs Pattern Block Mats - Grab some pattern blocks, lay out the bug pattern mats and watch students work on fine motor and geometry skills.  Easy, well-loved and a great independent activity. *This activity is from the Play-Based Preschool Lesson Plan: Bugs 

5. Wings or No Wings Sort: Sorting is always a fun go-to activity - and bug themed activities are no different. Work together to sort the picture cards - does it have 'wings' or 'no wings'? *This activity is from the Two & Three Year Old Bugs Unit.  

Now, I know you are wondering... how do I get my hands on these bug activities!?

I've got you! You can grab your set of 5 Free Bug Activities for Preschoolers by signing up below and get ready to 'bug out'!


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