Build a Miniature Zoo- Toddler Activity


I love watching my little ones pretend.  Heck, I like to pretend too, right along with them.  It amazes me the creativity that oozes out of them when given simple play materials.  I have realized how the world takes the imagination right out of adults.  We are so programmed to think that things are just what they are.  For example-  blocks are just blocks.  But, to an imaginative child, a block can become a ramp for a car, a piece of pretend food or rocks for a dumptruck.  Pretending allows our children to grow their imaginations!

build a mini zoo

Recently, little man and I got out our foam blocks and animals.  We pretended we were building a miniture zoo.  Each animal needed their own cage, just like at our real zoo.  So, we worked together to build the zoo and add the animals.  Little man made animal sounds as he made the animals walk into the cage, then he closed the gate (with a long block).  We had quite a few animals, so our zoo got pretty big!  We even created a big pool out of the blue blocks for the sharks!

build a miniature zoo

While pretending was the main focus of this activity, little man also practiced:

-Sorting like animals

-Properties of building (little blocks don't always support big long blocks)

-Animal Sounds

-Fine Motor Skills

-Sharing (when sis came along and wanted to play too)

Have you ever built a Miniature Zoo?