5 Songs you Need for Preschool Circle Time

Bringing songs into your preschool circle time is not just fun.  Songs help with circle time management and help children learn concepts through repetition.

Preschool Circle Time Songs 1

So...what songs should you be singing during circle time?

Here is a list of 5 songs you should be singing at preschool circle time to encourage learning, establish routines and manage the time together as a group.

5 Songs You Need to Make Your Circle Time ROCK!

1. Come to the Carpet Song

You need to get your students wrapped up and transitioning from what they were doing into coming to the carpet and sitting down.  I like to keep this song very repetitive so that kids can not only remember it, but also sing along.  This song signals students to come and sit for circle time.  You can find the 'Come Sit Down' song I use at this post (you will find lots of other transition songs there as well).

2. Welcome Song

A welcome song helps set the tone for the day.  A welcome song should be fun, engaging and make children feel welcome!  Below, you can find the Welcome Song we use (free printable) and an audio of the song - so you know how to sing it!

3. Weather Watcher Song

The Weather Watcher Song signals the weather helper to get up from the carpet, look out the window and present the weather to the class.  We all sing this song while the weather helper is looking at the window, which keeps children engaged in singing and not losing interest while waiting for the weather helper to finish his/her job.

4. Days of the Week and Months of the Year Songs

If you do calendar time within your circle time, Days of the Week Songs and Months of the Year Songs are a great learning tool.  Reciting the days and months are much easier when put to a special tune.

5. Monthly Songs

Monthly songs are a fun way to help children learn about the events and weather of a given month.  I use my 'Song-a-Month' song ring (available here for free).  We sing the monthly song everyday of that month.

Also, at the end of the day, before we go home we sing a Goodbye Song. My kiddos just love this song!  See the download below for the song printable and the audio file so you can learn the tune.

Preschool Circle Time Songs 2



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Teaching Shapes through Songs at Circle Time

Teaching children shapes is an academic skill that most preschools and kindergarten programs focus on. But, naming shapes can sometimes be a daunting task. How you bring shapes into your preschool world can help support identification.

We like to do a brief review of shapes during our circle (and I mean brief!). Keeping things lively at circle time is how it stays successful. To keep it lively we SING! I feel like I have said this so many times before, but singing keeps children's attention (and it also makes it fun). Plus, our brains can better remember the skill we are trying to learn when it is in song. Have you ever tried to get 'What Does the Fox Say?' out of your head? An hour later I am still like "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding"- don't act like I'm the only one!

Yes, songs stay with us. So, we sing shape songs at circle time. After I assess each student's knowledge of shapes, I can get a better idea of which shapes I need to focus on. We usually do only a shape song or two a day. We also review them as we are waiting for the bathroom or heading outside. Wait, what's that? You want to me to just give you the shapes songs already? Okay....


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Farm Preschool Song Freebie!

Hey Ya'll!  Fall is coming, that means it is time to go down to the farm!  We love visiting our local farm and seeing the animals and produce.  It is always a good time!  I also love to do our farm thematic unit at preschool.  I am a lover of all things fall, so this is one of my favorite units!

We love our farm thematic unit during preschool! Here is one of the songs we sing, print if off for free!
We love our farm thematic unit during preschool! Here is one of the songs we sing, print if off for free!

Today I am sharing with you an 'Animals on the Farm' song that you can print off and display for singing during your farm preschool unit!

Get the free song here!

This song is one from my Preschool Lesson Plans- Farm.  If you love this song, go check out the pack for more songs, and a week's worth of lessons!

Farm Preschool Lesson Plans
Farm Preschool Lesson Plans

Peanut Butter & Jelly Song and Sequencing

peanut butter jelly preschool song
peanut butter jelly preschool song

Are you are peanut butter and jelly lover?  I am, my mom makes the best pb&j!  Well, even if you don't love pb&j, I bet your little ones will love singing about it!  The Peanut Butter & Jelly song is one of my preschoolers favorite songs of all time.  To celebrate this song, I created a song graphic and a sequencing activity using the adorable clipart from Creative Clips!

When singing the song, we love to act out the lyrics with motions.  We pretend we are digging the peanuts, smashing them up and spreading with our pretend knife.  At the end of the song, we sing as if our mouth was full of jelly and sticky peanut butter!  It sure is a giggle inducing song!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Song
Peanut Butter and Jelly Song
peanut butter jelly sandwich sequencing
peanut butter jelly sandwich sequencing

To bring some learning fun to this popular song, I have created a sequencing activity.  Students cut out the pictures at the bottom of the page and glue them in order in the boxes numbered one to four.  The sequence of events in the song, is the sequence the pictures should be glued in.Click the links below to download these freebies

Peanut Butter and Jelly Song

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sequence

Do you sing the Peanut butter and jelly song with your preschoolers?  If not, give it a try!