Fall Scavenger Hunt Freebies

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Here in the midwest - autumn has arrived!
We are gearing up for our Fall Fruit and Autumn themes - some of my personal favs!

One of our favorite activities at the start of fall is to head outside on a hunt for all things Autumn.  The children LOVE this scavenger hunt and what better way to introduce children to the aspects of fall than finding them in nature?!

We place our Fall Scavenger Hunt checklist on a clipboard, grab our golf pencils and jackets and head out the door!  We are all feeling very official with our clipboards as we explore to find the fall elements on the list.  The squirrel is always the one thing on the list we struggle to find.  Turns out squirrels run away from super excited fall hunting preschoolers - who knew ;)

Once we have found everything on the list, I have students find several of their favorite fallen leaves to take inside.  They clip the leaves onto their clipboard.

Now that we are inside, we create leaf rubbings by placing the leaf under a piece of paper and rub a naked crayon over them.  You can really see the veins in the leaves - very cool to see and talk about.

Then, I take those leaf rubbings and bind them into a book, using the 'Our Leaf Rubbings Book' cover.  I put it in our classroom library and let children explore the rubbings at the literacy center during center time!

This is such a beloved activity in our classroom, so I wanted you to share the printables needed with you, so you and your kiddos can enjoy it too!
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Get your own copy of the Fall Scavenger Hunt and the Leaf Rubbings book cover for free!

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Color Science Tubes

Preschool colors
Preschool colors

These color science tubes are perfect for a science center in a classroom.  They are easy to make and very inviting to children!  When you tilt the tube, you can see the colored water beads.  But, when you keep the tubes upright, it appears that there is just water in the tube.  So cool!

Science Center Preschool
Science Center Preschool

To make these cool color tubes you will need the following:

-Tubes (I love these from Learning Resources)

-Clear water beads


-Food coloring

-Hot glue hot or other glue to keep lids on

Start by filling each tube with clear water beads.  Then, add water until all the beads are covered.  Add the color of your choice with food coloring.  Place the lid on and shake.  Add extra color or consider removing extra beads if the tube is too full.  Glue the lids on to keep the mess in check!

Easy right?  What do you like to include in your science center?

Lunch Sack Kite

The grass is greener, the flowers are beginning to bloom and kids can be heard playing outside.  It's spring and with spring comes wind.  So, instead of wishing the wind away, we made lunch sack kites to fly in the wind!  These kites were perfect for my 2 and 3 year olds.  Plus I had all the materials on hand!

paper bag kite
paper bag kite

Materials Needed:

-Brown paper sack

-Crayons/Marker/Stickers to decorate the bag


-Craft Stick (also known as a popsicle stick)

-Streamers (optional)

bag kite
bag kite

To create your paper bag kite, just follow these easy steps!

1. Decorate both sides of the brown paper sack.  My kiddos used markers and stickers.  If you have enough drying time, I think glitter glue would look cool in the sunlight!  Add streamers with tape to the opening of the bag (optional, but fun!).

2. Cut a small hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag.

3. Tie the string or yarn to a craft stick.  Put the string through the hole in the bottom of the bag, from the inside.  The craft stick should be inside the bag, stabalizing the string.

4.  Let it fly!  Hold onto the string and run!  We even tied our onto the swingset to watch them fly.

Have you ever made a kite with your kids?  How did it turn out?