Christmas Tree Handprint Ornament


Welcome to another Crafty Monday during the Christmas for Little Ones blog series (sorry I am a late!).  Today I will be sharing the craft that my kiddos will be making for thier grandparents.  We make an ornament for family every year, I usually like to do handprints so we can see the hands grow.  This year is the year of the Christmas Tree Handprints Ornaments!  I really like the way that they turned out!handprint tree ornament

To start, I had hubby cut me some beadboard that we had lying around.  We just used the cheap, not real wood, slats you can buy at the local hardware store.  They were already white, which worked out well.  So, I just drilled two holes in them to be able to hang them.  Next, I let my toddlers at them by adding polka dots with q-tips.  We used Martha Stewart's metallic paint, it is pretty cool.  handprint tree ornamentWhile our dots dried, I painted the kids hands green and made handprints on some solid red cardstock.  After the handprints dried, the kids helped me add a glittery star to the top of thier handprint tree.  We added ornament dots by using glitter glue.

I finished off the project by adding a piece of burlap to the middle and placing wire through the holes in the beadboard.  The last step was to attach the handprint tree and add a trunk (I used brown ribbon).

handprint tree ornament

Ta-da!  I really like the way these turned out!  I am hoping the grandparents love them- I know I can't resist a sweet little handprint!

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