Color Science Tubes

Preschool colors
Preschool colors

These color science tubes are perfect for a science center in a classroom.  They are easy to make and very inviting to children!  When you tilt the tube, you can see the colored water beads.  But, when you keep the tubes upright, it appears that there is just water in the tube.  So cool!

Science Center Preschool
Science Center Preschool

To make these cool color tubes you will need the following:

-Tubes (I love these from Learning Resources)

-Clear water beads


-Food coloring

-Hot glue hot or other glue to keep lids on

Start by filling each tube with clear water beads.  Then, add water until all the beads are covered.  Add the color of your choice with food coloring.  Place the lid on and shake.  Add extra color or consider removing extra beads if the tube is too full.  Glue the lids on to keep the mess in check!

Easy right?  What do you like to include in your science center?