Construction Small World Pretend Play


Last weekend we had a a fun birthday bash to celebrate both of my kids' birthdays.  My little guy (3) is in love with construction vehicles.  I joke with my husband that I never would have dreamed I would ever have a reason to know all the different names of construction vehicles.  But, I assure- I now know them, thanks to my little man!

In honor of him, I created this very simple Construction Small World Pretend Play tub.  Let me tell you, it makes him super happy and also keeps him quite occupied- win, win! construction pretend play

All it takes is 3 simple things:

-A long plastic tub

- Pea Gravel

-Small Construction Vehicles

Combine for tons of fun!

construction pretend play

Lots of little ones had fun with this tub of gravel.  Simple, yet so much fun!  Being February, we did use this tub inside and had some clean up work.  But, in the Spring, this tub is going to be set out on the driveway for some serious boy fun!