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A Curriculum Guide to Help You Plan

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Does lesson planning make you feel 😖 or 😩 ?

You are not alone my friend.

You plan activities and lessons but if you don't have your year mapped out, you don't know which skills you are covering and not covering.

I had this problem.  Had great activities and lessons but I didn't feel secure that I was getting in all.the.things.  I may have done multiple patterning activities, but never actually planned anything around categorizing.  I was just flying by the seat of my pants... which wasn't a good feeling.

That is when I decided to map out my year.  Now, please don't get me wrong... just because I have a yearly pacing guide does NOT mean that it is set in stone. For one, things happen (like snow days and a national pandemic 😟).  But, also each class is different.  They have different needs, interests and strengths.

So while yes, I do map out my year - I consider it a working document.  It helps me plan and fit in all the things, but it never takes precedence over my classes needs.

More about this pacing guide.... I've included the things that I want to *try* and get to each month.  This includes things like the thematic unit, story units, dramatic play center, science centers, circle time games, nursery rhymes and social emotional units.

When I sit down to plan- I can use this document (which also tells me which themes cover which skills) and have a rough idea of where I am going.

Because honestly folks- planning helps US get our heads in the game and have activities, lessons and opportunities set up for children.  But, even with our best planning, those cute little people in our classrooms sometimes throw us curve balls (it's what makes our jobs anything but mundane) and that is okay!

Want to take a look at the pacing guide I use?  I recently updated it and would love to share :)

Pre-K Pacing Guide:

2/3 Pacing Guide:


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