Disney Mousekeeping Tip Envelopes & Pressed Penny Holders

It is going to be a Disney crafting summer for this family!  With our upcoming trip to Disney World we have been creating and preparing all things Disney and plan to do so all summer long!  Today, I have Disney Mousekeeping Tip Envelopes and Pressed Penny Holders to share with you!  These fun and easy crafts were perfect for both my preschooler and first grader.  Plus, they are something we can use on our trip!

disney crafts

Mousekeeping Tip Envelopes

What is Mousekeeping you ask?  They are the wonderful housekeepers that keep your room clean while staying in Disney World resorts.  We wanted to give back to those who help make our vacation easier and more magical.  So, we created these tip envelopes to leave out each day for our mousekeeper.

disney tip envelopes

 We collected the supplies you see below (along with the 'Thank You Mousekeeping' printables which you can get here free!).  I backed each Mousekeeping note with some cute Mickey scrapbooking paper.  Then my little ones added a fun sticker to dress up the envelopes.  Now all we need to do is add money to the envelopes and we are set!

disney mousekeeping tips

Pressed Penny Holder

Pressed pennies?  You know, those machines that you can stick two quarters and a shiny penny in, crank the handle and out will come a smashed penny with an image on it.  You can find lots of those pressed penny machines at Walt Disney World and quite frankly it is one of the cheaper souveniers my kids can get.  Plus, who doesn't love squashing a penny!  To keep all the quarters and pennies together for the parks, we created these pressed penny holders.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

pressed penny holder

To create the pressed penny holder, we used a Mini M&M container, Disney scrapbooking paper, Mod Podge and letter stickers.  I cut the scrapbook paper to 3.75 x 4 inches.  We used the Mod Podge to attach the paper to the M&M container.  After letting it dry, we added stickers to spell out the kid's names.  To make it more durable, we added a layer of Mod Podge over the stickers.  After the container dried, the kids raced off to their piggy banks to find some shiny pennies!  We filled the container by layering quarter, quarter, penny.  This way the kids will be able to get the coins they need when they find a pressed penny machine! disney pressed penny holder