Driveway Town Pretend Play


Can you tell we have been enjoying some time on the driveway lately!?!  After painting the driveway, I decided to make a mini town and roads to drive on for my outdoor loving kiddos. driveway town

Our tiny town has curvy roads, a stop sign, stores and a favorite restaurant.  I loved watching the kids pretend to give their cars a bubble bath at the car wash and fix their bike at the fix it shop with our play tools.  Their favorite place in our town to visit was the golden arches (of course).  I took their order as they drove through the ‘drive-thru’ on their bikes.  Oh the fun of it all!

driveway town collage

Now, lets hope that we don’t have rain for a couple days to let them enjoy the town I worked so hard on!  Now, I’m off to rest my aching back :)