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Easily create a pretend grocery store in your classroom!


Children love to imitate all the things we adults 'get' to do!  Going to the grocery store is no exception! Preschoolers can learn so much from role playing adult roles.  So, I created a pretend grocery store in our classroom!  Not only do the children love it, but they are actually learning some key skills (shh, don't tell them!).

Pretend Play Grocery Store Printables. Make creating a grocery store in your dramatic play center easy!

Pretend Play Grocery Store Printables. Make creating a grocery store in your dramatic play center easy!

When children pretend in the dramatic play center, children are exploring adult roles.  They are also learning to work with others and take turns all while building language skills.  When you add in money and a cash register children work on counting and number recognition.  When using food labels, like the ones seen below, students are learning types of food groups and how to sort the pretend food into those food groups (as well as putting things back where they belong).  One big component for learning is new vocabulary.  When a teacher models play in the pretend grocery store and names the new items/roles in the center he/she is helping children learn new words and their meanings.

Have I convinced you that creating a grocery store in your classroom can be both fun and educational?  But, maybe you are asking how can I do this easily without hours of prep.

I'm glad you asked :)  I have a Pretend Play Grocery Store Packet ready to print, laminate and set up.  The Packet also includes a materials list and an idea sheet for helping you get the most from this center!

Check it out now:

Dramatic Play Grocery Store

Dramatic Play Grocery Store

**In the picture above you can see the pretend cans and pantry boxes from Melissa and Doug.  I love how durable these are, so I wanted to share them with you.**

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