Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

We have had so much fun hiding and hunting eggs this week!  Isn't it funny how the eggs don't even have to be filled to have a great time hunting?  So, for lunch today I thought I would incorporate the love for egg hunting and food!  It may have taken a little bit longer to prepare, but this lunch was awesome!

easter egg lunch hunt

Start with some clean plastic Easter eggs.  Fill the eggs with finger food that will fit.  Here are some ideas:

-Cheese quesadillas

- Sandwich pieces


-Small orange


-Raw carrots

-Pretzel (mini twists)



-Cheese Slices

-Hot dog pieces

and whatever other foods might fit inside the eggs!

Easter Lunch Hunt

After filling the eggs, invite the kids in to hunt for their lunch!  There were lot of giggles during this hunt! Once all the eggs were found, the kids got to see what was for lunch inside the eggs!  They sure ate this exciting lunch up quick!