Easter Inspired Math Games {freebies}

Oh, Spring… how I love you!

So, we moved last fall and the windows in our new (new to us) house are awful!  But, we have got new ones coming and I can’t wait to throw them open (yes, some of our old windows don’t even stay open..grr) and smell the Spring air!

But, until then, I will just create Spring like things to get me in the mood!

Bunny Grid Game
I love grid games for counting practice, plus this type of game encourages left to right & top to bottom progression.  Just what we do when we read Winking smile

bunnygrid game

This type of game requires 1 or 2 dice.  The first page uses just a die.  Roll it, find the corresponding number and color one egg with that number.  The second page uses 2 dice.  Roll both, add together and color one egg with the sum.
Each child gets to be a winner when the whole board is colored!

easter egg roll

easter egg roll 2 copy

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