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Encourage the Home & School Connection with a Fine Motor Tub

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Tell me something... do you happen to struggle with making meaningful home and school connections?  

A positive connection between school and families is an integral part of the success of students in the classroom.    It is important for us to try and educate parents on the needs of their preschool aged children.  When parents and educators are on the same page, a child's success can soar.  

But, if you don't get to interact with all your student's parents at drop off or pick up, it can be hard to get this connection going.  

One way I like to support both the connection and learning at home is by sending home 'Take Home Bags'. 

Today I wanted to share the Fine Motor Tub, one of the Take Home Bags (which it is actually a tub) that I send home with students.  The Fine Motor Tub focuses on building up fine motor muscles for later success in school.  We as educators know the importance, but not all parents are aware of the what, why and how of strengthening those muscles.

Gather some materials (materials list below) and download (and print) these FREE Fine Motor Tub printables!

preschool fine motor tub 2.jpg

Materials in the Preschool Fine Motor Tub

  • Pom pom balls (puff balls) of different sizes

  • Bulb Syringe

  • Child-sized scissors

  • Cardstock (optional, but I like to use thicker materials for the cutting strips)

  • Bathtub gripper

  • Eye Dropper

  • Tennis Ball - cut a slit for the mouth and add googly eyes

  • Small erasers

  • Playdough

  • Laminated piece of construction paper for the playdough mat

Watch a video of the Preschool Fine Motor Tub in action:

Looking for the whole Take Home Bags printable set?  Here it is :)



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