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Facebook Groups for Class Communication

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My phone goes DING! and I know it is another Facebook notification. Sometimes it feels as if social media is taking over our lives!!! But, in all honesty... this year in my preschool class, Facebook has been a blessing. I know, you don't hear Facebook and blessing in the same sentence often.....but, hear me out!

At the beginning of the year I started a private Facebook group for the parents and guardians in my classroom. I wasn't sure how well it would go over- if people would check it or if it might end up in the graveyard of good ideas. BUT, I am here to tell you- it has been amazing!

Here is why...

  • I am meeting parents on a platform they are already hanging out at (not trying to implement a new platform to remember to check).

  • With a little help from me and a lot of love from parents, we have created a community where we can share photos and classroom happenings in a safe and positive environment.

  • Parents aren't just 'hearing' from me about what we are doing in the classroom through a newsletter- they are 'seeing' through photos of the things we do everyday.

But, you may be thinking... I have that one parent who just doesn't do social media. Yep, that is fine- I still send info via email if needed (although I have found that when they hear how amazing the group is, they end up joining us).

You may also be thinking... What if I have a parent that doesn't respect the privacy of other families? Yep, had that same thought. So, I wanted to make sure the expectations were stated before jumping into this. I even created a Release Form so that both parties knew what was expected.

In fact, I included that release form in this email. It makes it clear to parents that they may NOT share/download photos of children other than their own. Go check it out to find the specifics. You will need to add your name to the second bullet on the list.

**Serious Sidenote: I am not a lawyer and this is not a legally binding document. This document basically informs parents of the expectations when joining the Facebook classroom group.

Want a copy of the Release Form? It's in the Free Resource Library. Sign up below:


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