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Free Classroom Management Training for Early Educators

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Looking for a free training to take your classroom management skills up a notch?

I've got a 5-day training series available to you - for FREE!

This training was first apart of a live training series last summer. The training was well received so I wanted to make sure that any teacher that wanted to view the replays could!


Training Overview

Who?: Early Educators (more specifically ages 3-5)

Where?: On the Lovely Commotion website

How?: Sign-up below. Then, you will receive an email with a link to the training.

When?: This training is a replay - therefore you can watch it whenever you want!

How long?: This training is broken up into 5 videos (or days). Each video is roughly 45 minutes-1 hour

Certificate?: Yes! There is a training certificate available to you in the training website.


Now, let's dive into what this training is all about...

DAY ONE: Mindset Shift

Sometimes our prior experiences, thoughts and beliefs can affect how we approach classroom management in our own classrooms. So, for some, Day 1 might be a bit of a mindset shift when it comes to managing the classroom. As teachers we are always learning and when we know better, we do better!













There are things that we can do before the school year even starts to set our students up for success. What are those things?  Well, we will touch on managing our own expectations, communicating those expectations and some resources to help you set up for success.


DAY THREE: Relationships

Relationships are the backbone to classroom management.  We will look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and where relationships fall into it and how to sow relationships and a classroom community in your classroom.


DAY FOUR: Teach it!

We teach our preschoolers all kinds of skills... counting, the alphabet and so much more. But, when it comes to teaching expectations and social-emotional skills... sometimes those skills get overlooked. This day is all about TEACHING for better behavior.


DAY FIVE: Becoming a Detective

Here the reality... even with all the prep and teaching sometimes classroom management strategies don't work for particular students. So, what can we do when issues arise?  Day 5 is all about getting individualized and becoming a behavior detective.


Are you ready to 'Brighten Up' your Classroom Management?

Grab the FREE training by click below:

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