Help your Students Know What You Expect with Procedure Cards

preschool procedure cards

Procedure cards are a visual for the routines and procedures that you teach in a preschool classroom.

Just stop and think about all the routines you have to teach little ones when they are coming to school for the first time...

Coming to the carpet, sitting at the carpet, lining up, walking in the hall, using the restroom, washing hands, how to clean up, how to treat toys, how to pack up to go home.... and the list goes on!

We have to TEACH children what we expect of them or they simple will not know and therefore may not fulfill our behavioral expectations.

Don't want students running in the hall?  You have to teach them what you do expect them to do... which in turn will decrease the chaos!!! <hallelujah! 

Now… fast forward to January. After a long winter break it is time to re-introduce these procedures. Actually, you may find that re-visiting your expectations of students several times throughout the year is just what you need to keep students accountable. While we mostly work on teaching procedures at the beginning of the year, don’t forget that little learners need lots of practice throughout the year as well!

Don’t make your students wonder what you expect them to do. Many times, as adults, we think that some things (like flushing the toilet or hanging up our coats) are common sense. But, the reality is… young children haven’t been around long enough to learn what is common in our society. We have to teach them.

Since our young learners aren't yet reading, visual cards are perfect for students to follow through with procedures on their own (after we direct them).

These procedure strips have made such an impact on teaching my students our class procedures.  Plus, the visuals have keep me from having to say it over and over and over and over and... you get it! I keep the procedures up all year long. If I find that a student needs a little re-direction on a particular procedure, we walk through the cards together.


Would you like to try out a procedure strip in your classroom?

Get the 'Clean Up Cards' and the 'Washing Hands Cards' to try out free:

preschool procedure cards


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