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Holiday Happy Notes for Kids

holiday relationships

Fa la la la la..... We set up our tree- Yippee! Pumpkin spice has been replaced with Peppermint Mocha and my kids have been circling the whole...Target...toy....catalog (you feel me?). Helllooo Holidays!! I love when you arrive! But, to be honest- you also stress me out. The amount of things I need to get done in the next month is... well... riDONKulous! To combat some of the ridonkulous-ness I like to start planning early. I want to have all my preschool Holiday planning done. Lesson plans, gifts for kids to make for parents, Holiday party and gifts for my students. I need to get it planned out before the late-December-stress-storm hits. Cause if I don't - well..let's not even think about that!

One thing on my Preschool Holiday to-list is Happy Notes. I LOVE to let the kids in my class know just how special I think they really are. With a class on 8 students, I can really get to know them and love them for who they are. So, every Holiday I send home hand written notes from the heart. I feel it is UBER important that my kiddos know that I am their biggest cheerleader!

This year, I have made some cute little Holiday Happy Notes for me and you! Just print off these notes (I like to use red and green paper) and hand write how much you care for your kiddos!  Simple, easy BUT leaves a big impact.  Who knows, maybe your Happy Note will be saved in a box for the kiddo to find on graduation?!

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