Homemade Games- Fine Motor

Don't you just love homemade?  Toys can be SO expensive and I have found that the time it takes for children grow out of them is too quick!  For the next 2 weeks I will be sharing some homemade games I have created for my tot.  Please feel free to link up your homemade games with the McLinky below. Check out these fine motor games that you can make at home for your Tot.

Parmesan Can and Crayons/Straws

Save your old parmesan cans!  The small holes are great for putting crayons or cut up straws through.  This is great for helping your child's hands and eyes to work together.  Take a parm. can while out to dinner and use resturant crayons to keep your little one busy while waiting on food!

Straws in a bottle

Water bottles, gatorade bottles and pop bottles are the easiest way to make a fine motor game for your little one!  Add cut up straws and your little one will have tons of full filling and dumping.

Milk Jug Fun

Half gallon milk jugs work best, but a gallon would work too!  Give your child clothespins (the non-pinching kind) or foam hair rollers (with the platic piece taken off)  to put through the hole of the milk jug.

Spaghetti Noodles

Punch holes in the lid (plastic lid) of a container. I used a Gerber container.  Give your child different lengths of broken dry spaghetti noodles. Encourage your child to place the noodles through the holes.  It takes well practiced fine motor muscles!


Use an old can: I use a formula can, but you could also use a Pringles can, or a coffee can.  Cut a slit in the plastic lid.  Collect juice can lids, baby food jar lids or large fake money (like you find around St. Patricks Day). Cut the slit to fit the type of manipulative you are using. Encourage your child to put the manipulative through the slit.  Once he or she becomes confident, turn the can (facing the slit in another direction).  Allow your child to problem solve to get the manipulative through the hole!

PLEASE NOTE:  Many of the items described in this post have small parts and may not be acceptable for very small children.  Please supervise your child closely when doing any of the above mentioned activities.

Feel free to share your wonderful ideas through the McLinky below.

COME BACK on Friday when more games will be shared!