Homemade Games- Part 2

More homemade games!  The teacher in me just LOVES games, especially ones I can make myself!  Here are three more games I have made: Gone Game

A great game for counting and taking away (a beginning subtraction game). First, start off with a file folder.  Paste a large picture on each end of the file folder facing the opposite way.  I used teacher stationary I had got at the teacher store.  You would not have to have the same picture if you didn't want to.  Sitting across from the player, count out the same number of beans (or anything else you would like to use as counters) and place them on your picture.  Roll the dice.  Take that many away from your side.  First person that has all thier beans gone says "All Gone!"

Matching Jar
This matching jar is a fun and easy way to practice the skill of matching real objects.  Find a jar to store all of the items (I used an old formula can).  Then collect 2 of every item you want in the jar.  Find things around the house by using cotton balls, clothespins, money, beans, dry pasta, bottle lids and so much more!  To play, dump the contents.  Have your child find a match and place the match into the jar (cleaning up as we play- a plus!).  Have more items for experienced matchers and less for beginners.
Real Object Match
Another matching game!  But, instead of matching alike object to alike object, your child will match real objects to their outlines.  Collect a file folder and 6-9 household objects.  Trace around the objects on the inside of the file folder. To play, ask your child to take an object and find where it might go.  For older children, make it more challenging by turning some of the objects when tracing.