Homemade Gifts for Grandparents


The Holidays are coming!  Do your kids make gifts for family?  I don't know about you, but I rack my brain every year thinking of homemade gifts that my kids can give to thier grandparents.  Lucky for you... I did all the brain racking for you :)

I have joined up with lots of amazing kid bloggers to bring you the 2013 Ultimate Gift Guide!  My Gift Guide is all about Homemade Gifts that kids can make for Grandparents.  Click the picture below to see all the other gift guides!

Checkout the tray that my five year old and I made for her Nana.  The simple tutorial is below.  Along with our kid-made gift, check out the other handmade gifts for grandparents I found!

homemade gifts for grandparents

To create this tray, all you need is the materials below: Wooden Tray (found at a craft store), craft paint, metallic paint, stencils, a Sharpie, Mod Podge and Distressing Ink (optional).

kid made gifts

First, we painted the tray green with craft paint.  Then, I measured 2 inches out and drew a box with pencil.  Within that box is where I had my daughter draw all the grandkids as stick figures.  She drew them in pencil and then I traced over her drawings with a thin tip Sharpie.  I was then able to erase the pencil marks after I was finished tracing.

homemade gifts

We then used the metallic paint and stencils to add a little bling to the board.  After all was said and done, I added some Modge Podge to the tray to give it a level of protection.  Overall, I love it and I know Nana will too.  There is something about kid-drawn stick figures that just melts my heart!

gifts for grandparents

Here are some other fun ideas for handmade gifts for grandparents:

Embroidered Handprints from Inspired by Familia

Children's Art Tea Towel www.settingforfour.com

Kid drawn art on a Tea Towel from Setting for Four


Here is a fun idea for toddlers to get into the gift-giving spirit from As Time Flies

Handprint Christmas Tree Ornament from Makes & Takes


Kid Drawn Checkbook Covers from Martha Stewart

Handy Coasters

Handprint Coasters from Spoonful

Snowman Hand Art Ball Ornament

Snowman Keepsake Ornament from Living Life Interntionally

Craft for Kids: Tear Art Bookmark~ Buggy and Buddy

Tear Art Bookmarks from Buddy and Buggy

Footprint Snowman Rug from Full of Great Ideas

Aren't these ideas fun? What kinds of handmade gifts will your children be creating this holiday season?