How many Pumpkins Tall? Preschool Activity

Get your kiddos counting!  How many pumpkins tall are you?  This easy little activity helps children begin to understand measurement in a non-traditional form.  It is also a great way to compare and contrast measurements of different students.

how many pumpkins tall

 The 'How many Pumpkins Tall?' activity is easy to set-up.  Just attach paper pumpkins to wall, one on top of each other.  I used adorable pumpkins that I had from a notepad.  But, if you need them, I have included a pumpkin template that you can print onto orange paper.

pumpkins tall printable

To make this activity more engaging, I have created this 'How many Pumpkins Tall?' printable.  Students color the pumpkins to show how many pumpkins tall they are.  They also can draw a picture of themselves inside the box.  Click on the picture above to get this freebie!

How many pumpkins tall do you think your kids are?