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How to Teach Social Emotional Skills in Whole Group

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For the last couple of years, I have been teaching social emotional skills in a very intentional way.  In whole group.

Now, that is not to say that I don't teach social skills all day long when the opportunities arise. Because I totally do.

But, now I have just added in a whole group component. Which was actually quite game changing, in ways I didn't suspect. You can read about that here.

So, what components go into a whole group social emotional lesson?  Well, here is what I'm doing and it works for me...

1. We read a book related to the topic.

2. We discuss the topic using pre-determined questions/discussion starters.

3. We sing a song related to the skill.

4. Do an extension activity if time allows. Ex: Scenarios, Acting out the skill, Sorting...

We do this one day a week during our whole group time.

The skills I focus on are determined from this list: 

But, I'll go through them all here!

  • Month 1. I am Me 
    • Week one: I am Special
    • Week two: I have Feelings
    • Week three: I have Strengths
    • Week four: I have a growth mindset
  • Month 2. Appreciating Differences
    • Week one: How we are Alike
    • Week two: How we are Different
    • Week three: Being Respectful
    • Week four: Having Empathy
  • Month 3. Calming the Stress
    • Week one: Listening to your Body
    • Week two:When I'm Angry
    • Week three: When I'm Sad
    • Week four: When I'm Frustrated
  • Month 4. Impulses & Self-Discipline
    • Week one: Sometimes we Fail
    • Week two: I Can Follow Rules
    • Week three: Waiting Is Hard
    • Week four: Sometimes we Fail
  • Month 5. Listening & Speaking
    • Week one: Expressing Yourself
    • Week two: Conversational Turn-Taking
    • Week three: Ways to Get Attention
    • Week four: Accepting 'No'
  • Month 6. Making Friends
    • Week one: How to Make a Friend
    • Week two: Including Others
    • Week three: Sharing & Turn Taking
    • Week four: More Friends = More Fun
  • Month 7. Being a Good Friend
    • Week one: What is a Good Friend?
    • Week two: Showing Kindness
    • Week three: How to Apologize
    • Week four: Listening to our Friends
  • Month 8. Handling Peer Problems
    • Week one: Problems Friend Have
    • Week two: Talk It Out
    • Week three: Ways to Handle Problems
    • Week four: Getting Help


I've been so pleased with the results and outcomes of these whole group lessons I plan on doing them year after year.

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