If you Give a Mouse a Cookie

 If you Give a Mouse a Cookie- by Laura Numeroff
Who can resist a story about a cute little mouse in overalls and COOKIES!!!
Here are some skill ideas by grade-level when using this book:
*Counting (within the book the number of cookies and crayons)
*Things that go together (example: tooth and toothbrush)
*Sequencing a story
*5 senses by cookie tasting
*Vocabulary (learning new words)
First Grade/Second Grade
 *Cause and effect
*Descriptive words (describing a cookie using 5 senses)
*Graphing (favorite type of cookie)
*Sight words
I know the list could go on and on! If you have a SKILL for one or more of these grade-levels (not activity) please leave a comment and I will add it to the list!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Ideas

Preschool Writing with Laura Numeroff
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