Kid Made Tissue Paper Votives

Looking for an easy, inexpensive craft for your kiddos?  I've got you covered!  These Tissue Paper Votives are fun to create and make a great gift to give to friends and family.  Read on to learn more about this craft that will light up any room in your house!

tissue paper votives


-Glass Votives (we got our votives at the Dollar Tree, for a dollar!)

-Multiple colors of tissue paper

-Paper Punch - optional (we used a flower punch)

-Modge Podge or the like

-Foam brush

tissue paper votive

Start by placing the Modge Podge on a plate to make it easy to access. Take the foam brush and paint the Modge Podge onto one side of the votive.  Using the tissue paper squares or cut-outs, place onto the sticky Modge Podge.  Feel free to overlap the tissue to make new colors!  I created the flowers by using a paper punch and punching several pieces of tissue paper together at once.  This was hard for the kids to do, so I took that job over.  Once one side of the votive is done, move to another side.  When all sides of the votive are covered, paint a coat of Modge Podge over the entire surface of tissue paper to create a protective coat.  *Note: do not place tissue paper or Modge Podge on the inside of the votive where the candle will be burning.

When the votive dries, add a votive candle or tealight.  Light it up and admire the colors and shapes that shine through!  I have my kid made votives in my kitchen.  I love how each of my kiddos used a different combination of colors.  Plus, it is a little keepsake of something they made with their own tiny hands :)