Kindergarten Readiness: The Parent Pack!


Calling all parents with Soon-To-Be Kindergarteners!  This pack is for you!

Kindergarten Readiness- Me and Marie Learning

As you may already know, I have a 5 year-old who has already made the transition to Kindergarten.  I felt like as a parent, I needed to get my ducks in a row to make the transition and routines as smooth as possible.  That is exactly what this parent pack is about... Kindergarten Readiness!  There are not any student activities in this pack, but it is full of everything YOU need!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten- Me & Marie LearningGetting Ready for Kindergarten- Me & Marie LearningGetting Ready for Kindergarten- Me & Marie Learning


Included in this pack: -Tips and Tricks for an easy transition to Kindergarten -First Day Breakfast Printables -Backpack ID tags -Bedtime Routine Cards -Getting Ready for School Routine Cards -Lunch menu board and food cards to help your child choose what to pack in their lunch each week -Lunchbox notes -School Notes: easy forms for school communication -First day of School Teacher Gift Ideas -Kissing Hand book recommendation

I can tell you that I have printed out this pack and we use the Routine Cards, Lunch menu board (love it!) and all the office notes.  It did take a little bit of prep, but I believe it has already us stay organized.  My Kindergartener actually already started school!  Our elementary had a special program for in-coming Kindergartners to help with the big transition of school!  We even had a 'Back to School' Breakfast (with printables from this pack) and she LOVED the cup and straw decor- see below.  She also colored her 'First Day of Kindergarten' poster for her first day picture.  I love creating these special moments for her and even better making awesome memories!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten- Me & Marie Learning

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