Lunch Sack Kite

The grass is greener, the flowers are beginning to bloom and kids can be heard playing outside.  It's spring and with spring comes wind.  So, instead of wishing the wind away, we made lunch sack kites to fly in the wind!  These kites were perfect for my 2 and 3 year olds.  Plus I had all the materials on hand!

paper bag kite
paper bag kite

Materials Needed:

-Brown paper sack

-Crayons/Marker/Stickers to decorate the bag


-Craft Stick (also known as a popsicle stick)

-Streamers (optional)

bag kite
bag kite

To create your paper bag kite, just follow these easy steps!

1. Decorate both sides of the brown paper sack.  My kiddos used markers and stickers.  If you have enough drying time, I think glitter glue would look cool in the sunlight!  Add streamers with tape to the opening of the bag (optional, but fun!).

2. Cut a small hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag.

3. Tie the string or yarn to a craft stick.  Put the string through the hole in the bottom of the bag, from the inside.  The craft stick should be inside the bag, stabalizing the string.

4.  Let it fly!  Hold onto the string and run!  We even tied our onto the swingset to watch them fly.

Have you ever made a kite with your kids?  How did it turn out?