Marshmallow Hockey!


Recently, we went to a hockey game and my little man was all about it.  So, I got him some little kid hockey sticks and a puck for his upcoming birthday.  But, in the meantime an idea popped into my head!  Apparently it was a good idea, because my little guy has not stopped playing it since creation.  What is this game you ask?  MARSHMALLOW HOCKEY!marshmallow hockey

First, start by taping a square in the middle of the floor (I used washi tape).  Now, all you have to add is some mini marshmallows and brooms (or Swiffers)!  We happened to have a child sized broom, it worked great.  But, my little guy prefers the Swiffer.  I took a section out of the Swiffer's handle (the sections of the stick just screw together), this way I could make it shorter for my little guy.  The goal of the game is to get as many marshmallows into the square using the brooms.

But, this isn't just all fun.  There is learning here-

*Gross Motor- Manipulating the broom.

*Concept of Force- When he sweeps the marshmallow toward the goal, he is learning about how much force it takes to get to the marshmallow to the goal.

*Counting- When most of the marshmallows are in the goal, I ask him how many him has left to get in and we count together.

*Concept of 'in' and 'out'.

marshmallow hockey 2

This game is super easy and according to my little guy, super fun!  A word to the wise, put a rolled up rug in front of the stove so marshmallows don't roll under there- yes, I know from experience.  I hope you give Marshmallow Hockey a try- come back and tell me about it!