Matching Games


This post was a guest post on the FABULOUS website:  The Activity Mom

I was so honored that Nicole let me guest post on her blog- so cool!


Learning to match is an important skill for young children to master. Not only does matching aid in the learning of colors, shapes and other skills, but matching also helps children visually discriminate. Helping children learn how to match can be quite fun! Here are some fun ideas that can be easily created by you with items from around the house.

Mix & Match

Give your child a pile of objects and have them put two of the same objects in the matching can. I used an old formula container, but any container will work. Use easy to find household items such as blocks, puff balls, q-tips, craft sticks, balls, etc.

add velcro

Make file folder games less frustrating for young learners by using velcro. Game pieces can easily slide around after placed on the folder. Place a piece of velcro on the back of the game pieces and on the file folder game pieces. Easy to play and easy to store!

Picture Match

Using pictures of your child in a matching game can be a lot of fun! You can make this game to identify and match familiar family members. Or make this game more complex by using only pictures of your child from the same event. This will make your child work harder to discriminate between the pictures. Just print out two copies of each picture. Glue one of each picture onto a piece of cardstock and use the other to match.

sheep to barn paint sample match

Once your child has mastered matching the same objects of the same color, (like in the paint sample game above) try matching colors with different objects. For example, match each sheep to the correct colored barn (above, right). This makes the game a bit more challenging in comparison with the paint sample game.

bottle cap match

The key to making learning fun while practicing matching is to create games and activities using different materials. This game uses bottle caps and stickers. Bottle caps are easier to pick up than flat paper. Just place matching stickers on two different bottle caps. Make as many matches as you think is appropriate for your child.

Do you have a little one learning to match? I hope you found a game that works just for you!