Mickey Pirate Shirts

You may have seen my earlier post about the Glitter Mickey Shirts I made for my daughter and I for our upcoming trip to Disney.  Well, I wanted to make the boys in our family shirts too, but something told me glitter was not an option :)

So, I went with Mickey Pirate Shirts!  They are much more boyish than the glitter, don't ya think?

disney pirates

I found this great idea on the site Two Oh Two Seven.  I followed her instruction up until the end.  I didn't end up sewing the head on like in the instructions... I am just not a fan of sewing!  Here is a run-down of the steps (for more detailed instruction and photos please visit Two Oh Two Seven):

-Buy: Black polka dot fabric, Red and White striped fabric and Heat and Bond

-Iron the Heat and Bond onto the back side of the fabric.

-Print out a Mickey Head template, cut it out and trace onto the opposite side of the Heat and Bond

-Cut the fabric into the Mickey Head shape

-Peel the lining off the back of the Heat and Bond and iron the fabric to the shirt

-Repeat for the pirate bandana

mickey pirate shirt

I think these Pirate Mickey Shirts turned out pretty darn cute!  I can't wait to see my husband and little guy wearing them in the park!  Would your husband wear this??  Personally, I am shocked he allowed me make him one!!

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