miniature CAR WASH


Workin’ at the car wash, workin’ at the car wash yea!  My littles were working the {miniature} car wash today… and boy did they have fun!

mini carwash


This activity was super simple to throw together- just what I like!  Gather toy cars (I didn’t use any that had a battery compartment), a bucket, soap, washcloths, a spray bottle and a towel to dry with.

First, I showed the kids how to use the miniature car wash.  Start by washing the car with the soapy water (in the bucket) and a wash cloth.  Then, spray it clean with the spray bottle full of clean water.  Last, dry the car with the clean towel.  You should have seen how shiny our toy cars were after the many baths they took!

mini car wash collage

Another super fun, awesomely easy activity that is *perfect* for the toddler crowd!