MORE homemade games!

Today I am sharing more homemade games!  Check them out below: Paint Chip Match

This game worked so well when we were working on matching.  First, go the hardware store and get two paint samples in each color you would like to work on with your child.  I found the Crayola paint samples, which I love!  The Mickey Mouse ears would be fun as well!  I glued one of each pair on the inside of a file folder game, but you wouldn't have to.  This is a great first step in visual matching and is so easy to make!

Is your child past matching of colors and can name all of thier colors?  Try getting a strip of different colored paint chips (the strip usually has 4 samples, all in the same color family).  Cut apart all of the samples.  Have your child group the like colors.  This helps children learn that both dark blue and light blue go together as blue.

Froggy Count and Colors

Nothing grabs my daughters attention better than a puppet!  I used one of my old frog puppets and some colored discs to make this game.  First, I cut a hole in the frog's mouth.  This is where he will eat his "food" (food being the colored discs).  You could even make clipart of food in different colors to feed to the puppet if you did not have colored discs or chips.  We play this game many different ways, but my child always get to 'feed' froggy and he munches down his snack (through the hold you made in the mouth).

Counting: Count as Froggy eats each piece of food. Colors:  Name the colors as Froggy eats Blah!: This is a favorite!!! I call out a color, child picks up that color and feeds it to Froggy.  If the wrong color gets fed to him ge spits it out BLAH! Roll a Dice: Roll a dice and feed Froggy that many pieces of food.

Parallel Path Game

This game was made very easily with a file folder and some stickers!  This is a two player game and each player gets thier own path (which makes it easier for new players who may not be ready to share!).  In the game below, the players would sit across from each other.  Each player places thier mover on the cupcake.  The goal is to make it to the lollipop.  Roll and dice, spin a number spinner or pull a number out of a hat.  Move that many spaces.  This game is great for turn taking, social skills and counting.